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"Pawley's Island is magic!! And
Sea View graciously extends that
magic to everyone that crosses
her threshold, young and old
"Sea View tickles the innocent de-
light within us all."
"This is the most CAREFREE vaca-
tion we've ever had."
"There is something in the air here,
and the sea and being generously
cared for. My husband and I fell in
love all over again, with one an-
other and everyone else too!"
Why We're Unique
"There is nothing to do here, Thank God! There
is nothing to do here!"
"I don't think I've ever been this relaxed."
"Every year I arrive and before I unpack even, I
come sit in a rocker on this porch, and wait to be
embraced. All my cares drop away, then, that's
when my vacation begins."