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Sea View Inn has been wel-
coming guests to its tranquil
setting for almost 75 years.
Built in 1937, Sea View Inn
features 20 rooms in the main
house and adjacent cottage.
Many of our guests return to
Sea View from year to year to
enjoy their vacation with the
extended family they have
found in the other SVI guests that share the same week or weekend, and with the staff here. This
dance continues on from generation to generation, literally.
Our amenities are of the simple va-
riety: no TV's or telephones, lots of
good books and long porches with
rocking chairs for inspired conversa-
tion. No pool and no vending ma-
chines. But white sand beach lapped
by gentle waves, and three bountiful
meals served each day in a barefoot
dining room, overlooking the splendor
of the sea.
Why would people want to repeat the
same vacation year after year? In the
following pages we have included
guest quotes and pictures from over the years of our extensive Sea View Family, but ultimately
you have to experience Sea View and Pawley's to know exactly why you can't wait to return.
We welcome you with open arms! Come discover this jewel of an Island, and let Sea View care
for you: softly, peacefully, and deliciously.
Sea View Inn from the ocean side
Artist: Janet Power
Sea View Inn from the creekside
Artist: Neil Watson
Why We're Unique