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40 minutes ago

A crowd favorite, low country boil on the back porch at Sea View.
Cooler weather is on the way and kids are back in school.
2-3 getaway in order? Take a look at our ... See more

1 day ago

Father Time marches on.
When we moved to Pawleys Island 18 years ago, we had a 3 year old (May May Henry) and 1 year old (Camille Henry).
This morning, Camille rings the bells for the last time ... See more

2 days ago
Sea View Inn 80th Annivesary

Another summer is winding down, but Sea View just keeps on making memories!

Thank you for all of the photo contest submissions. You have honored 80 Years of Sea View and shared in our History in the Making!

2 weeks ago
Palmetto Cheese - The Pimento Cheese with Soul!

Southern Living
“... this classic pimiento is the runaway favorite...the way pimento cheese was meant to taste...” Guess which brand they are talking about 😁 ... See more

3 weeks ago

The first turtle nest in our 18 years at Sea View! 99 eggs!

Pawleys Island 37th being relocated out of the to be renourished area

3 weeks ago

Sometimes being a manager at Sea View is all fun and games. There’s a big game of Old Maid going down today! Thank you Kipp Chrismer, O’Neill, and Grayson Woley for always being available to our ... See more

1 month ago
Christy Lynch Designs

The friends and the photo tell a wonderful story!

"Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face". Not sure who said it, but I love it, just like I love these kids!!

1 month ago

The weather is going to be unseasonably mild the rest of this week at Pawleys Island and we’ve had some last minute cancellations.
Sooooo...are you looking for a few days at the beach July 23-27? ... See more

1 month ago

You think Ms Frances is loved? Well just check this out!

1 month ago

Throwin’ down low country deliciousness for 37 years.
Vertrella Brown, you rock!

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